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Carbondale's Premier Housing Guide The Dawg House
Monday, February 5, 2001
Vol. 86, No. 87 
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Pacemaker 2000 Finalist


The Daily Egyptian is published by the students of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters and TWThF during the summer semester except during vacations and exam weeks. Daily Egyptian online is uploaded at noon. 

This article published with written permission from the Daily Egyptian.

Country singer croons for Studio A
Andrea Parker
Daily Egyptian

 After three seasons of airing local artists, "Studio A Presents" took the opportunity to present nationally known country singer Tracey K. Houston to Southern Illinois Sunday.

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 Approximately 30 people sat in an intimate setting at candle-lit tables to hear the Nashville-based singer perform about 15 songs.

 The special public television event, "Tracey K's Cafe," was taped in front of a live studio audience, but will air later this Spring and Fall as a special segment of WSIU/WUSI TV's "Studio A Presents."

 After her publicist sent out e-mails concerning her latest single, "The Girl In Oklahoma," from her album "I'm Not the Same Girl," Studio A productions invited her to do her first Public Broadcasting Service special.

 Jaclynn Rose Boley, Director of the show, was excited to have such a popular singer and had confidence that the student-run production would be a success.

 "It's the students who work hard, and if it were not for their volunteering, there would not be a show," Boley said.

 "Studio A Presents" is a production of Southern Illinois' and southeast Missouri's public television station, WSIU/WUSI. It is an Emmy award-winning series of local programs produced entirely by SIUC. 

As she sang in the studio Sunday, Houston hoped her listeners would relate to most of her music, which is about heartaches and love.

 "What I like most about my music is that it's real and it has substance," Houston said. "My songs are about the facts of life."

 Houston mentioned when she was rehearsing her song, "Deja Blue," there were a few misty-eyed crew members. Houston describes the song as a "haunting love story."

 Houston said singing is not her only talent but one that she may only use professionally. She played the clarinet, tenor sax and keyboard and also participated in drama in high school. The 5 feet 7-1/2 inch, 115-pound singer formerly worked as a model but eventually realized it was not her calling.

 "I would prefer to do a four-hour singing gig than a half-hour fashion show," Houston said. "There's just too much stress and focus on beauty."

 Houston, who has been singing since she was three years old, has received many awards for her musical talent including Artistic Career Achievement from Airplay International and an American Horizon Award and Canadian Recording Artist of the Year from the Lonestar State Country Music Association.

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