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Radio Professionals


Due to popular demand from radio folks, we are providing several full length CD quality mp3 sound files for download. 


Please download any or all of  these sound files for airplay consideration on your station.


Tracey K. loves hearing from you.  Please send e-mail to Tracey K. by clicking here.






From the  "Rockin' Little Angel" CD

(Fifth album)

Songbird Productions



Writer/Publisher Credit


Gotta Lot of Rhythm In My Soul



W.S. Stephenson/Barbara Vaughn

(Acuff Rose Music/BMI)



Rockin' Little Angel


Rocky Burnette, Rosie Flores, John Herron, Russell Scott

(Rocky Burnette Music/BMI; Pink Suede Music/ASCAP; See Johnny Run Songs;BMI; Russell Scott Music/BMI)



Blue Tattoo


Teri Joyce

(Girl Friday Music/BMI)



Barely Hangin' On


James Intveld

(James Intveld Music/BMI)



Knockin' On The Backside of Your Heart


Teddy Riedel

(Teddy Riedel/BMI)



A Whole Lotta Lonesome


Marti Brom

(Squarebird Music/BMI)



Cryin' Over You (with James Intveld)


James Intveld

(James Intveld Music/BMI)



Hard Times Ahead (with Marti Brom)


Barry Mann/Noel Sherman

(Tannen Music/BMI)



Dream Lover


Bobby Darin

(Trio Music Co/BMI; Alley Music Corp/BMI)



Stupid Cupid


Neil Sedaka/ Howard Greenfield

(Screen Gems-EMI Music/BMI; EMI Longitude Music/BMI)



Storm Clouds


Johnny Duncan

(Dundee Music/BMI)



Just A Little Too Much


Johnny Burnette

(Johnny Burnette Music/BMI)



Funnel of Love


Charlie McCoy/Kent Westbury

(Cedarwood Publishing/BMI)



Turning Away


Tim Krekel

(Combine Music/BMI)



LINER NOTES (by Carl Mann)


TRACEY K. HOUSTON - a very dear friend for several years, is a beautiful and very talented female vocalist of old school country and rockabilly music who should be at the top of the charts today, and will be in the future with this new and brilliant CD.  You will hear the special and versatile style she gives to this new rockabilly performance in the most unique and spicy ingredients she puts into this new album.  You will hear and feel the dynamics, and will truly know that Tracey K. Houston is the angel that knows how to rock.  Best Wishes Always Tracey.  Your friend - Carl Mann


Chris Casello - electric lead guitar, steel guitar

Dave Roe - upright bass

James Intveld - piano, harmony vocal on #7

Joe Spivey - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle

John Heinrich - saxophone

Rodger Morris - piano, organ

Steve Holland - drums

Darryl O'Donnell - backing vocals

Jennifer O'Brien - backing vocals

Marti Brom - duet vocal and harmony vocal on #8

Tracey K. Houston - vocals, harmony vocal on #2 & #8


Recorded at:

Bayou Studios - Nashville, Tennessee, an analog studio, on 2-inch master tape

Executive Producer: Barry Hay

Producer: Tracey K. Houston

Co-Producer: Marti Brom on tracks #3 & #6

Associate Producer: George Clinton

Engineer: Jesse Poe

Mixed & Mastered by Jesse Poe and George Clinton at Bayou Studios - Nashville, Tennessee

Photography: Tim Hunter - Los Angeles, California

Hair/Makeup: Miss Heaven - Rancho Cucamonga, California

Design/Layout: Scott Ballou - Cincinnati, Ohio





From the "Just The Way I Am" CD

(Fourth album)

Songbird Productions



Writer/Publisher Credit


How Can I Face Tomorrow? (single release - Feb 9, 2016/ Hillcrest 79)

Classic Country


C.C.  Beam/C.L. Jiles/

W.S. Stevenson

(Acuff Rose Music-BMI)




Just The Way I Am (single release - went to #12 in Europe 9/2008)

Classic Country



Dolly Parton

(Velvet Apple Music/BMI)




Is the Grass Any Bluer




Cory Batten/Buck Moore/Troy Seals

(Dimensional Songs of the Knoll-BMI/ Honky Tonk Heart Music-BMI/ Princetta Music-BMI)




You Did Everything Right (single release 2002)

Traditional Country



Paul Potter




It's a Long Way Down



Paul Potter




Yesterday's Backstreet Cafe



Roy O'Neill, Jr.

(Roy L. O'Neill, Jr. -ASCAP)




I Heard The Bluebirds Sing (single release 2004)

Classic Country

(duet with Grand Ole Opry star, Jim Ed Brown)

This was released as a single world-wide and appeared on the Canadian charts for 4 months (July through October 2004)



Hod Pharis

(Peer Music/BMI)



Let's Put The Country Back In Country Music

Classic Country


Terry Nunley/Ramona Diane

(Tribute to Momma-BMI)




Who's The New Love

Traditional Country


John Clinch

(Brainchild Music-SOCAN/

Skwilax Music-SOCAN)



What's Good For Me

Traditional Country


Gerald Smith/Randy Hardison/Wynn Varble

(O Tex Music-BMI/ Starstruck Angel Music-BMI/ Warner Chappel Music-ASCAP)



Marshall Dillon & Miss Kitty (a parody)

Country & Western


George Scholtz/ Carol Sanchez

(Corb Music Group-SESAC/ Villancico Music-BMI)



I'll Only Say Goodbye

Classic Country


Steve Desjardins

(Seven Daughters Music-ASCAP)




From the "Salute to Loretta Lynn" CD (Third album)

Songbird Productions

Released February 1, 2007, which marked the 47th Anniversary of Loretta signing her first record deal with Zero Records, on February 1, 1960.

I recorded this tribute album to Loretta because it goes hand-in-hand with my Loretta tribute show I do "Hey Loretta, The Girl From Butcher Holler."


Writer/Publisher Credit


I'm a Honky Tonk Girl

Loretta Lynn's debut single from February, 1960, which reached #14 on the charts

(This was a #1 song for me on Soundclick.com)


Loretta Lynn - Sure Fire Music/BMI



Whispering Sea

The flip-side of Loretta's first single, I'm a Honky Tonk Girl


Loretta Lynn - Sure Fire Music/BMI




Loretta's first Top 10 single



Johnny Mullins - Sure Fire Music/BMI



Before I'm Over You

Loretta's first Top 5 single


Betty Sue Perry - Sure Fire Music/BMI



Our Hearts Are Holding Hands

(duet with Troy Cook Jr.)

Ernest Tubb & Loretta hit duet

(went to #1 on the ECMA Jan 2008)


Bill Anderson - Johnny Bienstock Music/BMI



Dear Uncle Sam

A song Loretta wrote during in 1966 during the Vietnam War

(single release for me)


Loretta Lynn - Sure Fire Music/BMI



Talkin' to The Wall

Written and originally recorded by Warner Mack, before Loretta recorded it


Warner McPherson - Universal Songs of Polygram/BMI



If Loneliness Can Kill Me

Written by my friend, Billy Henson, of Lonzo & Oscar.  This was an album cut only for Loretta.


Billy Henson - Sure Fire Music/BMI



L-O-V-E, Love

Another album cut of Loretta's that I love


Loretta Lynn/Maggi Vaughn - Sure Fire Music/BMI



Wings Upon Your Horns

Originally recorded in 1969, released in 1970, this was a big hit for Loretta.


Loretta Lynn - Sure Fire Music/BMI




From the "I'm Not The Same Girl" CD (Second album)

Songbird Productions

Released 2000 (Songs marked with an * indicate a single release)




Writer/Publisher Credits



The Kind of Man I Never Find

From the kickoff of the fiddles on this song, you know immediately know this is a REAL country song!  For the most part, the remainder of the CD follows the same traditional country theme.  


This song is about a lady who just isn't lucky in finding the right guy.



Worley Max & Glenn Warren

Bull's Run Music/ASCAP; Bull's Creek Music/BMI



Deja Blue *

A haunting love song. The mandolin, acoustic guitar and violin complete the effect.


Worley Max & Glenn Warren

Bull's Run Music/ASCAP; Bull's Creek Music/BMI



Middle of the Bed *  

A saucy little song about a girl who's glad to be single again... and she doesn't have to put up with all his antics anymore. 



Ray Griff

Blue Echo Music/ASCAP



I'm Not The Same Girl  *

After the end of a relationship this lady realizes how much she's grown on her own, and she's happy with what she sees.



Ken J. Salaets & Mark Powers

Blackbird Star Music/BMI



Hot Steamy Night In Dixie  *

It's not what it sounds like!  A bluesy-type love song about a girl falling in love down south in Dixie.



Beverly Fischer

Earth Groovz/ASCAP; Mighty Music/BMI



Count Me Out  *

Pure  straight-ahead traditional country.  This is a tear jerker and you can hear the hurt in the voice.



LaDonna Brewer-Capps

Beachin' Songs/ASCAP



Talking Like Strangers

How can a couple go from being so close, to being like total strangers?



Dorothy Wallace

Proper Girl Music/ASCAP



no clip available

The Girl In Oklahoma  *

Two-step to the fiddles & crying steel guitar.  This is a sad song about a guy who leaves his girl in Oklahoma to pursue a career in Nashville.


This was a huge hit that stayed on the European charts & playlists for FIVE months!



Billy McCoy

Damfino Music/Silver Stream/BMI



Lonesome  *

Another two-step, another sad country song, complete with the essential fiddles, steel guitar and piano.



Ray Griff

Blue Echo Music/ASCAP



You're Walkin' & Talkin' In My Sleep Again  *

More fiddles and steel.  She just can't get him out of her thoughts.... or her sleep!



Tom & Eve Horner

Critical Care Music/BMI




From the "Falling For You" CD (First album)

Released 1997 on Rosebud Records

Re-released 2006 on Songbird Productions

(my favorite songs on this album, that more closely match my style preferences are #2, 4, 5, 8 - songs marked in blue)




Writer Credit


Falling For You

My first single off this album, which reached #1 on the Independent Charts in 1997; also had an accompanying music video that was aired on GAC (Great American Country) in the USA and CMT Europe


Jerry Thompson/BMI



I'm Tired of Being Something (that means nothing to you)


LaDonna Brewer-Capps/ASCAP (3:26)


Ain't Even Leavin'


Gary Harju/ASCAP (3:26)


Is There Love After You?


Peter McCann/Doug Millett/SOCAN (2:34)


The Best Years of My Life

 Originally recorded by Loretta Lynn in 1972.


Ray Griff/ASCAP (2:59)


I'll Take You Back


Jesse Wilson/BMI - Paul Meier/ASCAP (2:46)


What's She Got That I Ain't Got


Joel Keller/BMI (2:53)


He's Not For Real

This was my very first single I released in 1993 on ATI Records Canada.  It did very well in Canada, USA and Europe.


Jerry Hubbard/BMI (2:10)


You Keep On Trying



Ray Griff/ASCAP (3:13)


Lonesome Town

This song was on my very first demo album in 1991; a remake of the old Ricky Nelson song.


Thomas Knight/BMI (3:00)